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What are your favorite run 'n guns?
  • JoeClark
    โพสต์เมื่อ 30-10-2017 11:49 น.
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    I'm currently riding that Cuphead high and I'm itching to play some more run 'n guns. So I'd like to hear about your favorites in the genre, or maybe some obscurities you'd like to thrust into the daylight for all to see.

    Aside from Cuphead, I've really enjoyed what I've played of the Contra series, though I have only played Contra 1, Super C, and 4, IIRC. Is Hard Corps considered the best?

    I'm also a big fan of Metal Slug and Gunstar Heroes -- pretty much anything Treasure, really. I still need to play through Alien Soldier, which I hear was an inspiration for Cuphead. It looks fantastic!

    Would you guys count Mega Man or Shinobi as run 'n guns? If it counts, Classic, X, and Zero are some of my favorite game series of all time, but that pretty much goes without saying.

    Do you guys consider multi-directional aiming a requirement for this genre?

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Bonus points if you can think of any more boss-rush-y games like Alien Soldier or Cuphead.

    Are there other great, recent additions to the genre?


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