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Convince me to get a PS4
  • JoeClark
    โพสต์เมื่อ 28-10-2017 20:13 น.
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    I used to have a PS2. Why keep another brick if there's the PC emulator? I still have a few PS2 games.

    I have a PS3. I do like what it can do but disliked the apparent lack of structure and direction that Sony had proudly displayed, most notably with the BC (initial partial BC followed by complete lack thereof, some raw PS2 ports on PSN). Not to mention the whole Cell deal. It all looked like a big mess so I've been eyeing PS4 with suspicion. Now I'm at a point that I wish someone would convince me that my estimate is no longer valid and things are at last going in the right direction. I see some interesting titles that I may be able to get to in a few years if I'm lucky (yes, the backlog). I see PS1, PS2 and PS3 games getting new life on PS4 with new graphics and trophy support like any other PS4 game (yes, I'm a big fan of remasters). Who knows, there may even be BC for PS4 titles when PS5 comes out. Is this just a fantasy of an outsider or is it reality? Can you convince me to get a PS4 in time for Black Friday?


    For More Details:

    animation demo video

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